Cheers to Fresh Beginnings


A seed of a dream’s been growing with me. Ever since the old middle school days filled with Xanga posts, Neopets, countless roleplaying forums and fanfictions (if you know what I’m talking about, high five!), I’ve had it. It’d been deceptively simple at first. Find a free platform, choose a design, post. But there were obstacles in the way. Excuses, and plenty of them, until they formed that formidable wall that I call self-doubt. Sure, I always had the means. But my worry and insecurity trampled over my motivation. In the meantime, the internet expanded and grew into a world that again became foreign to me. New social media platforms emerged and others transformed, so much that it discouraged me.

I neglected that little seed, tucked it into the back of my mind, and turned my back against it.

Luckily, I’m here today with it in the palm of my hand. And like any beginning farmer, I can’t guarantee it’s success. I can’t guarantee perfection. But, whatever, right? Here goes! I’m excited to begin. 

My full name’s Aminta, but here in this new space I’ve created, call me Mint. I’ll introduce myself more fully in the future, but I want to cover things like:

  • Spirituality/ Buddhism
  • Long distance relationships
  • Being Asian AND American
  • My personal budget experiment 
  • Random funny things in my life!

Please comment and drop a hello! And if you have any ideas, I’ll read them down below, or email me at



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