Healthy Oatmeal in 1 Minute

Healthy comfort food at it's best.

Healthy comfort food at it’s best.

Good morning! Yesterday my family picked up a new non-stick pan from Ikea (the 365+ range) and I was inspired to use it. The pan was to replace a scratched up, stained pan from Walmart that I had bought two years ago. It was so rickety the screws holding the handle always came loose! 

Oatmeal is so satisfying. It is a great source of fiber, which will keep you full for a few hours. You can also add some ground Chia seeds, a well known superfood to supercharge your breakfast meal.


  • 1-1 3/4 cups Oatmeal (Although not the healthiest, I used 1-minute oatmeal because it’s quick)
  • 1 Teaspoon Chia seeds (Supermarkets and specialty health food stores)
  • Splash of Almond milk
  • Honey or sweetener of choice


  1. Add water to the pan and add oatmeal according to instructions.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of Chia seeds! 🙂 (ch-ch-ch-chia!)
  3. For additional creaminess (safe for lactose-intolerant peeps like me), pour almond milk and stir in.
  4. Pour into your favorite bowl and enjoy.

Psst! Chia seeds are my secret ingredient. They congeal the water which makes your oatmeal deliciously chunky, so if you have a problem with watery oatmeal, this should help!

I really should try making oatmeal more often. I’m in the midst of job searching, and it’s hard to keep my spirits up sometimes. Today especially was hard- it was raining all day and afternoon. Taking the time to make myself a bowl of oatmeal was the small act of self-care that I needed.


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