Introducing Will and My Favorite Spot

This is a picturesque image. I'm sorry you can't see it. :(

Old picture of my fave dessert spot in St. Marks with Will. He always gets the green tea molten chocolate fudge cake! It’s divine. By the way fellow New Yorkers, can you guess where this place is?

YES, I know this blog is linked to my Facebook account, so I am sure my close friends are going to find the pseudonym slightly unnecessary. But I figured since this is my blog and I want to make it a little anonymous while I test the waters, the boyfriend shall be named again. I was VERY close to calling him Mr. Aviator (why? that is a story for another day), but I figured it would be a little inappropriate, so I will just call him Will.

Today’s post is actually pretty brief. I just wanted to share with you a nice picture that I took with my iphone (can you believe this day Iphones can take such decent photos?) a while ago. Will and I aren’t foodies, but we do enjoy going out and appreciating good food. This photo in particular was in St. Mark’s in NYC. It is a lovely small shop with a lot of Asian Americans working there, and they are most famous for their green tea molten chocolate fudge cake with icecream on the side. Just typing that makes me drool!

The best spot there is right there. Truly a magical spot. You sit there at the edge with your face looking through the window panes. People walk down St. Marks and sometimes pass a yearning look at you. Meanwhile you’re busy taking spoonful after spoonful of decadent pastry into your mouth. Can you tell why Will and I like going here?

That’s all for now since it’s so late, but I hope it peaked your interests.


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