Black Ice Coffee

Today’s daily share is a poem about black ice coffee that I wrote during the last semester at college while taking a creative writing course. My instructor remarked that he felt lame after reading it because he couldn’t take his coffee ‘black’ and preferred it with cream and sugar. -facepalm- Making someone feel even slightly uncool was never my intention (John if you are still reading this, your remark still makes echoes in my head). I started drinking my coffee black because Will’s preference rubbed off on me… but I enjoy coffee with soy milk too! Anywho, I digress. I’ve shared it with some of my friends on Facebook and in person, but I figured why not make it’s home on WordPress too. 

Black Ice Coffee, by Aminta Liu

Today’s coffee

Is so.

A gratifying sweetness

That sinks to the bottom

Lays there

Without any intention

Of Merging




I sip up the Crystals

Long before

I sip the Cup.

What remains is an acquired taste.


It serves me loyally

So long as I do not expect too high.

Though dark

Sepia shade

Deep like burgundy.

Though it is.

Though it is

Disobediently acidic.

Distastefully sharp.

I find myself lured in.



Smooth notes

Bitter grounds


No monin

No half and half

Or whole.

No surplus of sizes

No promises.

Small wonder why

I never have the drive

To finish it.

– Aminta


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