Who’s Mint? FAQ

Hey reader! If you’re here, you must be a little curious about who I am. My name’s Mint (pseudonym for my real name, but it’s pretty darn close), and I’m playing catch-up to the blogging world. I’m currently a rookie and I must admit, I’m a little SUPER nervous sharing my experiences on a blog. My blog is on training-wheels. If you don’t mind (I guess we’ve all been there before), let me introduce myself by answering a few questions.

Where am I from? The Northeast, mainly upstate New York. I do a lot of traveling back and forth two cities. I was raised in Queens, New York City.

Coolbeans! So, what do you study? In a single word: bioethics. I also have a minor in Asian American Studies, which basically means I learn about Asian Americans, or populations who fall under the umbrella term Asian American.

Coffee or tea? BOTH. I prefer my coffee black or with soy milk, but mostly black. I appreciate specialty coffee drinks, but caffeine upsets me so I mostly stick to decaf now. 😦 My favorite tea is chamomile tea or genmaicha.

What’s this blog about? It’s a personal blog about being Asian American and dealing with your well-being. What does it mean to be Asian American and healthy, in both body and mind? It’s been my first blog in years, so I’m trying hard to work on my skills. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, and ultimately to learn.

Can I email you about something? YES. Email me at celestemint@gmail.com. If it’s an earnest question, constructive feedback, a suggestion for a topic, I’d be happy to reply.

That’s all for now. πŸ™‚ Bye!





3 responses to “Who’s Mint? FAQ

  1. Interesting fact: I’m also trying to kick a caffeine addiction. ^_^ I’m down to one cup a day, whereas I was drinking 3-4 cups a day last semester.

    • Wow, congratulations! That is interesting, I wish more people would acknowledge that you can get addicted to anything including caffeinated beverages like coffee. Nigahiga just did a youtube video on his addiction to Redbull. I can definitely relate.

      • I knew there was something wrong when even when I wasn’t intentionally staying up late, I was actually suffering from insomnia. I can definitely say I’ve been sleeping a lot better more recently.

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